Our Story

Community members in a circleSierra Community Medical Foundation was created in light of a need for better care for our community. Founded out of the Placer-Nevada County Medical Society, SCMF is driven by the passion of our community's physicians who want to address the gaps in medical services that people face. Prior to SCMF's existence, an opioid coalition was established for Placer and Nevada Counties to counter the persistent epidemic.

As a nonprofit looking to improve our community's health, SCMF engaged in an assessment to figure out--what is causing our community to be unhealthy? One of the prominent answers was Adverse Childhood Experiences, or ACEs, and our second Coalition was formed. Importantly, ACEs and drug misuse have a strong relationship with each other, so having an organization who is working on both issues at once is extremely valuable to our community.

Finally, we created our newest branch of SCMF, the Physician Wellness Program. Improving the delivery of care to patients also requires ensuring our healthcare professionals are being taken care of as well. Though our three programs may initially seem distinct from each other, they all are closely intertwined through the common goal of improving our community members' health and quality of life. 

Of course, SCMF is not operating alone to reach our goals.

What makes SCMF unique to our community? 

Our organization works with a multitude of agencies, industries, and communities all at the same time. We provide and promote programs to assist in publich health crises and we collaborate across populations within our communities. Our physician-led nonprofit helps connect professionals and community members, facilitating a better stream of communication and more effective delivery of health information.

Who do we work with?

  • Schools                       
  • Pharmacies
  • Physicians
  • Substance Use Disorder Professionals
  • Nonprofits
  • Placer and Nevada Counties
  • Hospitals
  • Law Enforcement
  • Community Members 
  • Insurance Providers
  • ...and more!

Who are we?

Our team is comprised of four dedicated members who balance the moving parts of our organization. Meet the team here! (Photos coming soon!)

Anthony Hill, Program Director (tony@scmfoundation.org)

Quinn Gregory, Executive Director (medexec@pncms.org)

Michele Onatanian, Physician Relations Manager (michele@pncms.org)

Molly Greenblat, AmeriCorps VISTA (rxdrugsafety@gmail.com)