Proper prescription drug disposal is a vital part of making our community safer. Unwanted prescription drugs should not be flushed, thrown in the trash, or stored in reach of children or others who could misuse the medications. So what should you do with them?

Keep prescriptions in your home secure and ensure access is limited to proper usage by the person it was prescribed to. Once finished with the prescription, dispose of your drugs properly.

How can you responsibly and safely dispose of prescription drugs?

As a Placer or Nevada County resident there are several permanent safe disposal locations that you may utilize. To locate one near you, use the map below or contact Placer-Nevada Rx Drug Safety Coalition via email or phone (916-258-2302), or find a DEA permanent site here.

View our handout about Medication Disposal 101 and feel free to distribute as needed.

Please reference this map from for frequently updated permanent drug takeback bin locations throughout California. With an evergrowing number of permanent dropoff locations, there is no need to wait for biannual takeback days to safely dispose of prescription drugs! For more information about what can go into bins, how to properly dispose of medications, and more information about the drug takeback program, please click here.

Every effort is made to keep this map updated. However, it is strongly advised to call a location before trying to dispose of drugs. If you are unable to call in advance or having trouble making contact with any location, call SCMF at 916-258-2302 and we can help you make a plan for disposal.

Note about sharps: Drug disposal sites do not always accept sharps. Always call a site in advance to check if they will take your items. We are working on adding additional sharps disposal sites to this map. In the meantime, please reach out to Placer-Nevada Rx Drug Safety Coalition for assistance locating a disposal site.